Advantages of summer enrichment programs for middle grade students

Children across all the international schools are looking forward to the long summer break that will begin soon. With lazy mornings, no lunch boxes and no homework to do, school is soon forgotten. Some time off from school, opportunity to relax and unwind is definitely good for the children. This is also the perfect time to enroll your child at specialized mathematics coaching centers like EDUINFINITE where they will be able to brush up the basics, strengthen their fundamentals and also learn new concepts which will give them a head-start when they start the new session in August.

There are many advantages of our summer programs for middle-grade students:

  1. Innovative activities: We engage students in more than one interesting way. We challenge them with puzzles, quizzes and real-life problems. This allows them to be in close touch with the subject and start the new session with stronger skills and concepts.
  2. Practice, practice and more practice: The student has to solve numerous problems on paper and pencil – only then will he/she be able to gain confidence over the subject. Long summer break, where students do not have the pressure from regular school activities and homework, is the ideal time to solve different types of problems. Many of the assignments will need to be completed within a fixed time period. Our aim is to enhance the ability of students to approach problems in a disciplined manner and ingrain time management skills.
  3. Personalized guidance: Our personalized learning approach help students to identify their areas of weakness and clarify all their doubts / concerns. When the regular classes are in progress, students have to move from one concept to another; sometimes without mastering the previous one. During the long summer break, they can revise all these concepts and build a strong foundation.
  4. Well planned Curriculum: Our curriculum has been designed keeping in mind different syllabus and incorporates students of various learning styles.

At EDUINFINITE, we create an atmosphere where we incorporate a lifelong love for learning and exploration in kids. We are committed to students getting ahead and staying ahead too!!

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