Algebra – Grade 10 ICSE

There are few topics covered in this section:

1. Linear Inequation
2. Quadratic Equations
3. Reflection
4. Ratio and Proportion
5. Factorization
6. Matrices

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Linear Inequation
Key topics include:
• Algebraically and writing the solution in set notation form
• Representation of solution on the number line
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Quadratic Equations
Key topics include:
• Quadratic equations in one unknown. Solving by Factorization & Formula.
• Nature of roots – Two distinct real roots ; Two equal real roots; No real roots

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Key topics include:
• Reflection of a point in a line: x=0, y=0, x=a, y=a, the origin
• Reflection of a point in the origin
• Invariant points
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Ratio and Proportion
Key topics include
• Duplicate, triplicate, sub-duplicate, sub-triplicate, compounded ratios
• Continued proportion, mean proportion 
• Componendo and dividendo, alternendo and invertendo properties
• Direct applications

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Key topics include:
• Factor Theorem
• Remainder Theorem
• Factorizing a polynomial completely after obtaining one factor by factor theorem
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Key topics include:
• Order of a matrix. Row and column matrices
• Compatibility for addition and multiplication
• Null and Identity matrices
• Addition and subtraction of 2×2 matrices
• Multiplication of a 2×2 matrix
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