Algebra – Grade 8

Grade 8 Algebra assumes that students are already familiar with the basic concepts ( have completed the courses meant for Grades 6 & 7). Three main topics are covered in Grade 8 : Algebraic Expressions, Factorisation, Linear and Quadratic Equations . We also introduce the concept of graphs for Linear and Quadratic Functions.

We provide theory, MCQs and assignments for each individual topic. Click on each topic to know more details.

Algebraic Expressions
Key topics include :

  • Like/unlike terms, monomial, binomial, polynomial
  • Addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions
  • Multiplication
  • Dividing two polynomials by factorization method(simple cases)

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Key topics include :

  • Simple factorisation with common monomial and binomial
  • Factorisation when given expression is a difference of two squares
  • Factorisation when given expression is a perfect square
  • Factorisation of quadratic trinomial

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Linear and Quadratic Equations
Key topics include :

  • Recapitulation of rules for solving linear equations
  • Applications of linear equations(higher degree of difficulty)
  • Solve problems involving simultaneous linear equations
  • Solve problems involving fractional equations
  • Solve problems involving quadratic equations

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Graphs - Linear and Quadratic Functions
Key topics include :

  • Use cartesian coordinates in two dimensions
  • Draw graphs of linear and quadratic functions

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