Arithmetic – Grades 9 & 10

Arithmetic for high school students (Grades (9 &10) is an advanced level course which assumes that students are familiar with the basic arithmetic concepts. The topics covered here include Percentage, Profit and Loss, Interest, Time & Distance, Time & Work. The students will have access to large number of assignments which will test their understanding of the concepts and help them master the topics.

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Key topics include:

  • Expressing one quantity as the percentage of the other
  • Expressing Fraction as Percent
  • Expressing a Ratio as Percentage

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Key topics include:

  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Formula for Compound Interest

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Profit & Loss
Key topics include:

  • Cost Price (CP)
  • Selling Price (SP)
  • Profit & Percentage Profit
  • Loss & Percentage Loss
  • Overheads
  • Discount

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Time & Distance / Work
Key topics include:

  • Unitary Method for time & work
  • Speed, Average Speed and Uniform speed
  • Conversion of units of speed

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