Coordinate Geometry – Grade 10 CBSE

The theory section covers in detail each of the topics mentioned above along with a number of solved examples. Students will have access to large number of MCQ type quizzes on this topic. There are also multiple assignment sheets which they will need to solve and send it over to us. Our teachers would correct & grade these assignments and provide detailed step by step solution for these question sets.

Key topics include:

  • Distance Formula
    • Distance Between Two Points
    • Distance of a Point from Origin
    • Distance of a Point from a Point on x or y Axis
  • Section Formula
    • Theorem (Section formula)
    • Corollary (Midpoint formula)
  • Area of a Triangle
  • Condition for Collinearity of Three Points
    • To Find if three points are collinear (Distance Formula)
    • To Find if three points are collinear (Area of Triangle)
  • Centroid of a Triangle

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