Geometry – Grade 9 ICSE

There are few topics covered in this section:

1. Triangles and Mid-point theorem
2. Circles
3. Similarity
4. Pythagoras Theorem
5. Rectilinear Figures & Parallelogram

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Triangles and Mid point Theorem
Key topics include:
• Relation between sides and angles of triangles. Types of triangles, Congruent triangles
• Congruency: four cases: SSS, SAS, AAS, RHS. Illustration through cutouts. Simple applications
• Proof and simple applications of mid-point theorem and its converse
• Equal intercept theorem: proof and simple application

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Key topics include:
• Chords
• Arcs
• Cyclic Quadrilaterals

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Key topics include:
• As a size transformation
• Comparison with congruency, keyword being proportionality
• Three conditions: SSS, SAS, AA. Simple applications
• Applications of Basic Proportionality Theorem
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Pythagoras Theorem
Key topics include:
• Proof and Simple applications of Pythagoras Theorem and its converse
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Rectilinear Figures & Parallelogram
Key topics include:
• Different kinds of polygons and its names interior and exterior angles and their relations
• Types of regular polygons parallelograms, conditions of parallelograms, Rhombus, Rectangles
• Proof and use of theorems on parallelogram
• Quadrilaterals
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