Geometry – Grades 9& 10

High School ( Grades 9 & 10) Geometry assumes that students are already familiar with the basic concepts ie. have complete the Middle School ( Grades 6-8) level geometry courses. The main topics covered in this section are : Lines, angles and polygons, Pythagoras theorem, Circle.

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Lines, Angles and Polygons
Key topics include :

  • Angle Properties
  • Triangles
  • The interior & exterior angles of a Polygon

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Pythagoras Theorem
Key topics include :

  • Pythagoras theorem – definition
  • The converse of Pythagoras' theorem
  • Circle problems

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Key topics include :

  • Different circle theorems
  • Properties of chords, angles and arcs
  • Secants and tangents
  • Cyclical quadrilateral

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