Mensuration – Grade 9 & 10

Mensuration for high school students (Grades (9 &10) is a revision course on the concepts that have been taught in earlier grades. Students will be given a range of assignments covering length, perimeter, area of different 2D figures (triangle, trapezium, quadrilateral, parallelogram, regular polygons). Surface area and volume of 3D objects (cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere) will also be covered in this section.

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Length, Area and Perimeter
Key topics include:

  • Area of square, rectangle, circle and parallelogram
  • Area of a triangle, trapezium, quadrilateral, parallelogram and regular polygon

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Volume & Surface Area of Solids
Key topics include

  • Basic Definitions
  • Surface Area & Volume of a Cuboid & Cube
  • Surface Area & Volume of a Cylinder

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