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Number System- Grade 10 CBSE


Key topics include:

  • Types of Real Numbers
    • Real Numbers
    • Natural Numbers
    • Whole Numbers
    • Integers
    • Prime Numbers
    • Composite Numbers
  • Euclid Division Lemma
    • Lemma
    • Algorithm
    • Euclid’s Division Lemma
  • Euclid Division Algorithm
    • Theorem
    • To Find HCF of Two Numbers Using Euclid’s Division Lemma
    • To Express HCF as Linear Combination
  • Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
    • Definition
    • LCM of Two Numbers
    • HCF of two Numbers
    • How to Find LCM & HCF of Two Numbers
    • Properties of LCM & HCF of Two Numbers
    • LCM & HCF of Two Fractions
  • Rational Number (Revision)
    • Rational Number
    • Rational Number in Decimal Form
    • Terminating & Non-Terminating Rational Numbers
  • Irrational Numbers (Revision)
    • Irrational Numbers
    • Properties of Irrational Numbers
    • Basic Theorem on Irrational Numbers
    • Surds
    • Conjugate Surds
    • Properties of Surds
  • Theorems on Irrational Numbers
    • Theorem 1

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The theory section covers in detail each of the topics mentioned above along with a number of solved examples. Students will have access to large number of MCQ type quizzes on this topic. There are also multiple assignment sheets which they will need to solve and send it over to us. Our teachers would correct & grade these assignments and provide detailed step by step solution for these question sets.

Check our sample course material here.

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