Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you offer online?

We offer mathematics courses for grades / classes 6-10 with comprehensive coverage of all topics / chapters for a particular class.

Which academic Boards do you cater to?

We cater to the syllabus offered by CBSE, ICSE and International Boards.

How is your online study material structured?

We have an extensive online mathematics study material catering to Grades 6-10. Our study material is structured in the following manner:

  • Theory section – Discusses the concept along with solved examples
  • Quizzes – Multiple choice questions format with step by step solution
  • Multiple assignment sheets: Students need to download the sheets, solve the problems, scan and upload the working

Do you show detailed solution for each problem?

Once the Quiz is completed, students will get to see their scores and step by step solution for each problem.
For Assignments, we encourage students to scan and upload the working. Our teachers will correct the assignments and send over their comments. We will then allow students to view detailed solution for each problem on the platform.

In case we do not receive the scanned worksheets from the students, we will open the solution for all assignments after couple of weeks.

How can I enroll for online courses?

You have to go to our website and the section on online courses.

  • Homepage:
  • Online Courses:

You need to select a course:
​Topics: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration etc
​ Grades: 6 – 10

You can either:

​Purchase a specific Course: Eg. Grade 9 – Algebra – Linear & Quadratic Equations
​ Purchase the entire topic: Eg. Grade 9 – Algebra

When you click on a particular grade, you can see all the topics that are currently available for that grade. Click on the topic which you are interested to view all courses offered for that topic.

How do I search for a particular topic?

Click on the Search icon on the top menu bar and search for any topic/course that you wish to buy.

How can I purchase online courses?

You can view the price of the course after you select a particular course / topic. Select the relevant payment method.

Email confirmation will be sent to you post payment.

You will receive a subsequent mail from Eduinfinite with user ID and password details to access the Learning Management Portal.

How do I make the payment?

You can pay either by credit card or debit card. Select the payment method that you wish to use and follow the steps mentioned thereafter.

We often send out coupon codes. If you have any such code, please enter them at the time of purchase in order to get the discount.

Do you have scope for providing personal guidance to students?

We offer personalized guidance and hand-holding service for each student who enrols for our online courses. Once the student solves the problems and uploads the assignment sheets, our teachers will review and grade the uploaded assignment sheets and students will be able to view the comments made by the teacher. Detailed step-by-step solution will be sent for each question. We also offer customized worksheets / problems based on student needs and upon request.

Do you provide feedback to parents?

Parents can access course material online and track progress of the student Parents are also welcome to send in queries and we will answer them !

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