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Construction – Grade 7


Key topics include :

  • Measure line segments and angles
  • Draw line segments, angles, parallel lines and perpendicular lines
  • Construct angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors
  • Construct simple geometrical figures from given data

Check out a sample of our material here.


The theory sections will explain to students in detail about the construction of the following geometric figures :

  • Line segment – parallel line, perpendicular line, angle and perpendicular bisectors
  • Angles – to a given angle , bisecting an angle.
  • Triangles – sides are given, 2 sides and included angle is given, 2 angles and side given, right angled triangle with hypotenuse and side given etc
  • Squares, rectangles and parallelograms.

Check out a sample of our material here.

Students will have access to 2 MCQ type quizzes. There is 1 assignment which they will need to solve and send it over to us. Our teachers would correct & grade these assignments and send over the solutions.


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