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Integers – Grade 6



Key topics include

  • Number Line
  • Operations on Integers
  • Absolute Value

As a part of this course, students will get to know different number types – counting, whole, integers, rational, irrational, real, imaginary and complex etc. Different properties will be covered – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. BODMAS rule will also be discussed.

Check out a sample of our material here.


In this course, the theory section covers in detail about the evolution of numbers, different number types ( whole numbers, integers, rational, irrational etc) We also discuss about the operations on integers ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) along with the associated properties ( closure, commutative, associative, additive, inverse additive etc).

Students will have access to 3 MCQ type quizzes on this topic. There are couple of assignments which they will need to solve and send it over to us. Our teachers would correct & grade these assignments and send over the solutions.

Check out a sample of our material here.

For additional material, you can purchase similar courses for higher grades; you can also consider the consolidated problem set for Grade 6.


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