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Linear Equations – Grade 8


Key topics include :

  • Solving linear equations with one unknown
  • Solving simple fractional equations which can be reduced to linear equations
  • Translation and solution of simple real-life situations to algebraic expressions
  • Concept of inequalities and Solving simple inequalities

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Students will learn to write a mathematical statement in an equation format and solve different types of linear equations – adding / subtracting same quantity to both sides, multiplying/dividing both sides of the equation by same non-zero number, using transposition, cross multiplication methods etc. There are a number of solved examples including real-life problems.

Students also learn about quadratic equations and finding the roots via factorization / application of formula.

Students will have access to 1 MCQ type quiz. There are 2 assignments which they will need to solve and send it over to us. Our teachers would correct & grade these assignments and send over the solutions.

Check our sample course material here

For additional material, students can refer to the other Algebra courses offered on this portal and the consolidated problem set for Grade 8.


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