About Us

We are a specialized mathematics education centre based in Singapore. We offer:

• Individual classes in Singapore
• Online mathematics courses for middle and senior school students (Classes 6 – 10) across the world.

We currently cater to: IGCSE, CBSE & ICSE Boards.

Our programme is designed to refine the core skills initiated in the primary school. Our extensive study material and flexible approach mean we can offer every student a personalised programme. We believe that every student can excel in Math given the right mentorship and inspiration. We help kids develop a strong foundation in mathematics that they will require for higher studies in related areas.

The online maths courses can be purchased from our website and students will be given access to our Learning Management Portal. Courses can be purchased at a granular level by topic or grade. Please refer to the “Online Courses” section for details. Click on the following link to create an account and  access our sample courses

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